Q: Can You See Well in This Mask?

A: Yes You Can! It has holes for pupils so when wearing a mask you will have a tunnel vision!

Q: What Holes do these mask have?
A: They've got mouth hole, nose holes, ear holes and eye holes 

Q: Is It Hard to put on?
A: No, it's Really Easy because silicone stretches really well. Pro Tip: We Recommend Washing Your Face Prior To Putting Mask on (Silicone slides really well on a wet body so You Will Put it on with no struggle at all) 

Q: Can You Eat and Drink in These Masks?

A: You Can Drink but not Eat, You can try but it's going to be a mess TRUST ME

Q: Do You Get Hot/Sweaty Inside the mask?

A: Not Really, Masks are pretty comfortable and you will only have an enjoyable experience while wearing it!