If You're New To Dollification - Start With..

If You're New To Dollification - Start With..

Sometimes it's good to take things slow, if you haven't been into latex / silicone before - try getting simple items first like gloves, socks. If you like it - advance to skirts, dresses, tops, stockings, catsuits.

Same goes with silicone - before getting full body female silicone suits - starting with silicone breasts vest / implants or doll mask is a good idea.

Keep it mind - this is not a cheap fetish, but that's probably one of the best ones - it's defined, classy and elegant. You're in charge of creating your NEW SELF! Become a creator, build the look you are dreaming about! 

Once you dive into it - you won't be able to stop! (speaking from experience)

Unleash your alter ego with us! 

Latex Alina

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