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Grace and Elegance

The soft facial features of mask make it look elegant and defined with any outfit!

  • full head silicone female mask

    Seamless Full Head Mask

    Super stretchy silicone makes the pullover version of mask fit almost everyone! If in doubt - straps version is for you!

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  • Anatomical Structure

    No discomfort. Easy mouth and nose breathing. Masks mouth mimics the movement of your own mouth!

  • Permanent Water Proof Make Up

    Thick false lashes, ocean blue eyes and elegant thin eyebrows! Beauty.

    Eyes color can be modified (green, brown options available)

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First Ever Rubber Dolls Movie?

Yes, we are working on one right now! Premiere - August 2023! Dolls in public scenes will be a cherry on top!

No more spoilers...

Can't Go Wrong With The Wig Colour

Doll Masking Overview

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